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Share Me (One Night With Sole Regret #0.5), by Olivia Cunning



After a benefit concert, Lindsey longs to spend an amazing Christmas Eve with her favorite band, Sole Regret, to thank them for their generosity. Even though she followed their tour bus up a slick mountain pass during a blizzard, she never expected to spend an entire snowy night with two generous rock stars who love to share their gifts. Trapped on a tour bus with her best friend, a rock band, and the bus driver, what can these naughty ladies possibly do to keep warm? Perhaps a better question is what won’t they do?______________________________________________

Share Me. Pretty explicit in itself right?

I said this before but I’ll say it again: HOLY FREAKING SMUT! The first part of the book with the magic threesome was hot as hell. That’s a given.
I absolutely love Owen and Kellen and I’m looking forward to Touch Me to read more Owen action.
But I also desperately, DESPERATELY hope our dear Olivia will grace us with a book on Kellen because he is definitely one Sole Regret member I want to know more about!! This book really, really, really made me want more screen time with him! What can I say, I dig tortured, damaged man! Sue me! I know I’m not the only one out there! 😉

Anyway, I really enjoyed this read. I was smiling the whole book through. Sure it was a little over the top after getting to 62%, and it became a little too sleazy for my tastes with the orgy stuff.

“Did we really have a sex orgy last nigh?” she whispered, her innocent-looking blue eyes wide in disbelief …….. She really was a doll. He might have considered calling her if she hadn’t slept with every last one of his band mates. Oh, and his bus driver.” 

See what I mean. That’s the only thing that bothered me with the book because Lindsey’s character was really likable and I wouldn’t have minded a little more restrain on her part, because, let’s face it, as hot as it was, it still sounds cheap at the end of the day. Or the night mind you. 😉

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