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A SEAL’s Surrender (Uniformly Hot SEALs #2), by Tawny Weber

A SEAL's Surrender_________________________________________________________

Subject: Lieutenant Commander Cade Sullivan

Status: On leave

Mission: He’s home to take care of some family business.

Obstacle: Eden Gillespie. The girl who always lands in trouble…has landed in his bed!

Lieutenant Commander Cade Sullivan is the job. His commitment to the Navy SEALs is absolute-almost. Worse still, he’s been summoned home, where his privileged family is the town royalty and women vie to be one of Cade’s conquests. One of them in particular….

Ever since they were kids, Cade has been rescuing Eden Gillespie. Now she’s decided she owes him one heck of a thank-you-one that involves a bed, naked bodies and sweet satisfaction. But when their sexy trysts are discovered, Eden becomes a bit of a town sensation-and not in a good way. Can she convince her SEAL to risk one last rescue operation?

Uniformly Hot! The Few. The Proud. The Sexy as Hell.

I know this cover is well… my case, I find it to not be exactly a good selling argument. But you know what they say: Never judge a book by its cover. So I took that advice with this book.

So you guessed it, I wasn’t really expecting much from this book when I picked it and ended up being surprised by it. It was a sweet, nice read. Not very long and not mind blowingly good but good none the less.
I really enjoyed reading it. The characters were so sweet and funny. Eden made me laugh by her clumsiness and quick wit. She was a ray of sun and I really liked her voice in the book.

“Who the hell was she to rip open the safeguards he’d built around his heart and force him to see what was inside?”

Cade…..Ahhhh Cade. I wish I were one of the Cade-ettes! 😉
He does sound swoon worthy in the book. I liked that this book made him be more that a guy who wasn’t looking for anything study and ended up falling in love. All the emotional part about his feelings.

And the plot was nice to start with.

So if you’re looking for a nice, sweet, summer read that is worth more than our usual man-realises-he-wants-more-out-of-the-girl-than-a-good-time plot but that is not to complicated either, this book is the right one for you!! And I mean come on! He’s a SEAL for Christ’s sake!!!! 😉



Broken (Redemption #1), by Lauren Layne


Lauren Layne’s New Adult novel tells the story of a girl with secrets, a guy with scars, and a love that could save them both… or destroy them.

When Olivia Middleton abandons the glamour of Park Avenue for a remote, coastal town in Maine, everyone assumes she’s being the kind do-gooder she’s always been. But Olivia has a secret: helping an injured war veteran reenter society isn’t about charity—it’s about penance. Only, Olivia’s client isn’t the grateful elderly man she’s expecting. Instead, he’s a brooding twenty-four-year-old who has no intention of being Olivia’s path to redemption . . . and whose smoldering gaze and forbidden touch might be her undoing.

Paul Langdon doesn’t need a mirror to show him he’s no longer the hotshot quarterback he was before the war. He knows he’s ugly—inside and out. He’ll do anything to stay in self-imposed exile, even accept his father’s ultimatum that Paul tolerate the newest caretaker for three months or lose his inheritance. But Paul doesn’t count on the beautiful twenty-two-year-old who makes him long for things that he can never have. And the more she slips past his defenses, the more keeping his distance is impossible.

Now Paul and Olivia have to decide: Will they help each other heal? Or are they forever broken?


“The reason I’m leaving New York has nothing to do with the goodness of my heart and everything to do with the wretchedness of it.”

I was really happy to start reading this book. Isn’t She Lovely really made me melt and made me curious about the little trio between Ethan, Olivia and Micheal. And I really wasn’t disappointed by Broken.

“You always imagine that you’re going to be the good girl everybody roots for. You imagine that right up until the very second when you’re not the good girl.”

With this book, I really got to meet Olivia. In Ethan’s book, I wasn’t really sure if I liked the Olivia introduced there. Of course it had to do with the fact that I saw her through Stephanie’s eyes but I didn’t really get to know her character. And in Broken, I really got to meet a “new” Olivia and I really liked her. She really surprised me in a good way because the moment she leaves New York, she really grows into herself and doesn’t act like the little good girl that everyone is used to. She becomes this independent woman, who won’t take the shit from Paul or anyone, but manages to stay a kind and caring person.

“What I did was beyond heinous. All I wanted was to take her in my arms, lay her on the bed, and just be with another human being, and for that reason, more than any other, I was cruel. Cruel even by my standards, and I didn’t even realize I had those anymore. A part of me is racked with guilt. The other knows that it’s better for her to find out now that I’m a monster.”

Paul was also a great character. Darker and rougher around the edges but still very lovable. It was really interesting to see Olivia get through to him and reach him when no one ever really did since he got back from war. And he also has serious self-worth issues to resolve which made it sometimes hard to get through to him, even though you get where those come from. But Olivia didn’t allow him to wallow is self pity and hatred like everyone else did and that made the difference. Seeing the two of them healing each other was very sweet and moving.

“The truth is, everything about Paul Langdon plain pisses me off and I lost my temper. I didn’t even know I had a temper.”

They both had a revealing effect on each other, as if but pushing each other’s button, they forced each other to reveal who they really where and not what they wanted other people to see.

“I have a serious lady bone for the guy I’m supposed to work for.”

But I loved the instant connection and chemistry between Paul and Olivia and except for the scene at the 18% mark, their attraction to each other felt very natural.

Also there were moments when things went a little too fast between Paul and Olivia for me to not roll my eyes (I’m thinking about the scene at the 18% mark) I thought the book was well paced. It never felt rushed or dragging and the way Olivia and Paul fell for each other felt very natural.

“Caring about a war veteran isn’t about philanthropy. It’s about penance.”

This book was full of funny moments as well as very moving ones. It never felt overdone, or cliché to me and I really enjoyed this story from beginning to end. Olivia and Paul both fight their demons in this book and try to figure out what is the next step in their lives. It was really moving to see Olivia try to forgive herself for the mistake she made and the people she hurt while she was trying to figure things out for herself and Paul’s struggle to find a reason to live when all his friends didn’t was also beautiful to see, even if it wasn’t easy. They both tried to flee their problems before they realized that they needed to face them and they did so together in order to move on with their lives.

“No matter where I look, my walls are crumbling, and this damned girl keeps presenting me with the most dangerous element of all. Hope.”

And even though this book stays in the realm of the sweet, easy romance, there were still moments that were very hard to read because of Paul. He spend so much time hating the world and himself that the moment he is out of his comfort zone, he lashes out on the people around him and he knows exactly what to say or do to hit where it hurts. And he does so with Olivia more than once. Those where the difficult part of the book, because you knew it was Paul’s way of protecting himself but you also know that he’s a good guy and that he’ll regret it.

“I feel a punch of (…) longing for her, and her laughter, and the way she expects good things of me because she thinks I’m good.”

This book was a lovely tail about learning to love and forgive yourself, and learning to love someone else and wanting to better for this person. I loved this book and I highly recommend it to readers in general but also to lovers of Lauren Layne’s books.

I had a great time reading this book and am really looking forward to Micheal’s book, Crushed.

Stay With Me (Wait For You #3), by J. Lynn

Stay With Me_____________________________________________________

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Wait for You and Be with Me comes a daring tale that pushes boundaries . . .

At 21, Calla hasn’t done a lot of things. She’s never been kissed, never seen the ocean, never gone to an amusement park. But growing up, she witnessed some things no child ever should. She still carries the physical and emotional scars of living with a strung-out mother, Mona—secrets she keeps from everyone, including her close circle of college friends.

But the safe cocoon Calla has carefully built is shattered when she discovers her mom has stolen her college money and run up a huge credit card debt in her name. Now, Calla has to go back to the small town she thought shed left behind and clean up her mom’s mess again. Of course, when she arrives at her mother’s bar, Mona is nowhere to be found. Instead, six feet of hotness named Jackson James is pouring drinks and keeping the place humming.

Sexy and intense, Jax is in Calla’s business from they moment they meet, giving her a job and helping her search for Mona. And the way he looks at her makes it clear he wants to get horizontal . . . and maybe something more. Before Calla can let him get close, though, she’s got to deal with the pain of the past—and some very bad guys out to mess her up if she doesn’t give them her mom.

“How my life went from mostly okay, with the exception of being a little lonely sometimes, to one giant mess in the span of a week was beyond my ability to comprehend. I was so screwed, and not in the fun and sweaty way.”

One of his year’s revelation authors was Mrs. Lynn (a.k.a. Jennifer L. Armentrout). Whatever she writes, I’m usually a sucker for (check out my reviews of the Lux Series). And the Wait For You Series is no exception. But unfortunately, Stay With Me didn’t quite make the same impression on me.

I’ll start with what made it so and get it out of the way because I really wanted to like this book more because of its author, and having to say why I didn’t like a book by an author I usually like isn’t something I enjoy doing.

The main things that bothered me in this book were Calla’s inner monologues and the number of description of mundane things that really didn’t bring anything more to the story. For instance in one scene, we spent an awful amount of time reading about her waiting tables and picking up her very generous tip and putting it in her pocket while she thinks it’s way too much money for what she did but since she desperately needs the money she’ll still keep it. Really, I don’t think anyone really needs (or want for that matter) to read about every motivation behind what she does.

“I know what people see when the look at me. Most people don’t say anything because they’re not jerks, but I know what they see. It’s been that way since I was ten years old. And there is no changing that (…) My body was wrecked. There was nothing attractive about it.”

Then, and that’s what bothered me most, she spends a lot of time doubting Jax’s attraction and interest in her. I get that she has a hard time believing him, and considering what she went through, it’s understandable and makes total sense. But it was still getting on my nerves when the guy did nothing to make her doubt it, and even when he tells her he doesn’t care about her scars, she still doubts him. I understand insecurities, and I know there is no rationalizing them. But it got old anyway and made me roll my eyes. So there’s that.

The second thing that bothered me was the fact that I thought the denouement was kind of easy. I don’t know what I would have preferred or what would have made it more believable to me, but considering the mess Calla finds herself in because of her mother and the kind of people it involves, I was kind of expecting a more….spectacular ending. I know this author is capable of because I’ve read other books from her that really did it for me (you should take a look at the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout), so I felt a little let down by this book.

I won’t comment on the other little things that I noticed in this book because I was able to overlook them and enjoy the book anyway. So here are the good things I have to say about the book.

With Stay With Me, I felt a slight difference from the other books in the serie. In a way, they were lighter. Don’t get me wrong, all of those books deal with some serious subject matters but I did notice that as the serie goes, the books become not darker, because I still laughed and swooned a lot while reading them all, but this book’s plot was way more serious than the other. And even though I enjoyed this book, I don’t have the same feeling about it than I had with Wait For Me (even though it probably had to do with Cam).

We met Calla in Trust In Me, Tess and Jase’s book but she stayed a mystery to us. So I was curious to know her story and what would happen to her. Why does she have a scar on her face? Why is she always so evasive about where she comes from? ect… And Calla turned out to be a very brave, lovely girl to follow through this book. She is filled with insecurities, grief and heartache but she still manages to be a sweet girl that you can’t help but like. She hasn’t had an easy life, she was forced to grow up when she was still very young and she was forced to witness a whole lot of things that really messed with her and to protect herself, she had to avoid a lot of things in life. She sheltered herself in order to protect herself from her world. She was a very touching character and I loved seeing her growing into herself in this book.

“I don’t kiss girls that I don’t find hot as hell or beautiful. So, you get my point?”

When she let her insecurities get in the way of her life and relationship though, we discover that she is also a little naive and inexperienced, and that made her do things and hurt people without her intending to, but it was still a little frustrating. In this book, one of the big challenges for Calla is to learn to trust and even though you get why she has a hard time doing so, it’s not easy at all for her to get there and made her characters a little frustrating to me at times.

“God Almighty, I might have just committed a cardinal sin just by thinking it, but he was like Cam 2.0” 

Enter Jax, smexy bartender with a smile that make all the panties in a one mile radius drop. Man the man was good. I loved Jax’s character. And he was so good for Calla. I loved how he was able to see past what everybody notices when they look at Calla. I loved his bossy ways and his cheeky attitude. I loved the sexual tension between Calla and him. In short, I loved him. Sure, he does act like an idiot here and there and sometimes I really wanted to smack him upside the head for his callous behavior but you know he’s good at heart and that he is loyal to a fault to the one he cares for. I really loved his character and how he was able to relate and connect with Calla when no one ever really did.

“I felt something else — something I hadn’t felt in years. I felt cared for…..cherished.”

This book had my heart racing on many different occasions and always had a nice new twist in its pocket. It is full of suspense, mystery, emotion, laughter and romance. I loved the secondary characters for the most part and wouldn’t mind knowing the story of some of them (I’m thinking Roxy and Reece here, because it has to be juicy!)

I won’t say much more about the book because I went into it a little blind and seriously enjoyed that. All I’ll say is be prepared to be surprised. This book os full of mystery and suspense, with a good dose of sweetness and laugh out loud moments as well as truly moving and emotional moments and characters. I’m really looking forward for the next book in this serie and more of J. Lynn’s brand of writing that I grew to love. I really hope Roxy and Reece’s story will feel more like the stories that made me love this author.

Captured, by Jasinda and Jack Wilder


Captured __________________________________________________________

You go into combat, you fear death. It’s what keeps you careful, keeps you alive. I’ve faced death more times than I can count. I’ve taken bullets. I’ve taken lives.

But nothing can prepare me for the soul-crushing terror of being captured.


I married a Marine. I knew the risks. Every time my husband shipped out, I knew there was a chance he wouldn’t come back. But Thomas always did. Always. Then one day two officers in full dress uniform knocked on my door and shattered my world.

How do you keep going when you lose what made life worth living?__________________________________________________________

ARC kindly provided by author in exchange of an honest review

God I loved this book! I thought Wounded was great but Captured surpassed it. That’s how amazing I think this book is. And my love for soldiers is now even bigger!
This book was a roller-coaster ride! I think I went through all emotions possible while reading it: fear, pain, sadness, worry, grief, anger, hope, joy, relief, love and a good dose of lust too.

“Wounds to the body heal faster than those within.”

Captured is a testimony of how amazingly talented Jack and Jasinda are with words.
Like I said, Wounded was a great book, that I really enjoyed reading. It was a very emotional read. Captured is just as emotional (if not more) and it captivated me from chapter one to the very last page. The story is compelling and sucks you in right away and you cannot stop reading. It is fast-paced, full of suspense and so very emotional and intense.

“How can they make you? After what you went through, how can they make you?”
“I’m a United States Marine. They own me.”
Truth is a bitter fucking pill, sometimes.”

Personally, this book made me think of a mix between the movies Lone Survivor and Brothers. But don’t think if you watch those movies you’ll have the gist of what Captured is about. Captured has its own story, but it did remind me, in some aspects, of those movies.

“I wasn’t a man, you know? I was a prisoner. A victim. Name, rank, and serial number. I was reduced to the drive to survive. Then I felt guilty that I did survive. That’s still there, in fucking spades, but whatever. Now I’m still figuring out what I am, what I feel like. Who I am. And feeling like a man again? Like a real man? That someone wants around, that someone needs or feels desire for? That’s some powerful shit.”

I fell in love with the characters right away. I loved how beautifully broken and insecure they both were and how they became each other’s second chance, each other’s hope, how they found solace in each other after everything they’ve been through.
I loved the tension between them at the beginning of the story and how they dealt with it. Those moments where very intense and I loved reading them.
And the secondary characters were just as sweet and touching. I really loved the universe and atmosphere of this book. And being able to see a little bit of what Hunter and Rania have become after Wounded was a great bonus.

“This isn’t bliss or pleasure or ecstasy. No. This is reunion. Finding each other once again. It’s me finding myself within her. A realignment of our souls.”

It was also very very hot. If you’ve read any of the Wilder’s books before, you know what they are capable of in the steam department. Well, Captured is no exception my friends, and it made me blush, it was so scorching hot. Where Wounded was more focused on the emotional part, Captured is both emotional and incredibly steamy! My toes are curling just thinking about it 😉

“I’ve not been looked at as a sexual creature in so long that it’s unfamiliar and scary.”

It was very moving to read about this woman who feels so alone and not really as a woman anymore and this man who lost a bit of himself at war, and how he has to figure out who he is now. Their feelings were very well described and even though I haven’t been through any of the things they’ve been through, I was still able to connect and relate to them. And I loved how they were able to connect, understand and accept each other for what and who they are.

“I don’t even know how to live my life without you in it.”

I especially loved the epilogue of this book. It made me smile so big and laugh and it was so sweet. I might be seeing things here but for me, it was very cute because at times, it was like hearing Jack talk about Jasinda through the characters of the book. I think the epilogue was my favorite part of the book because of how sweet it was.

“My girl writes books. Who knew? She writes these kinky, steamy novels about military men and the women who love them.”

I think Captured made it to my top five Wilder read. It is the kind of story you keep close to your heart long after you’ve turned the last page. It moved me deeply. The Wilder’s talent and what they achieved with Captured amaze me.

“She’s worth the whole goddam world, even if all I can offer her is my fucked-up self.”

I’m not in the habit of giving stars to the books I review on my blog, mainly because I still haven’t figured out how to do it (yeah, that’s how good I am with technology. Don’t judge.), but this book, without a doubt, earned its five stars, if not more.

You should all go grab yourself a copy of this book because it is an amazing love story.

“You’re breathing. You’re going home. Got a girl. A piece of dirt to call home. Makes you lucky in my book.”

Wounded, by Jasinda Wilder



War has taken everything from me. My family. My home. My innocence. In a country blasted by war and wracked by economic hardship, a young orphan girl like me has very few options when it comes to survival. Thus, I do what I must to live, to eat, and I try very hard to not consider the cost to my soul. My heart is empty, and my existence brutal. 

The one impossibility in my life is love.

And then I meet HIM.

War is hell. It takes a chunk out of a man’s very soul to do the kinds of things war demands of you. You live with fear, you live with guilt, and you live with nightmares. If you haven’t been through it, there’s no understanding it. War leaves no room for love, no room for tenderness or softness. You gotta be hard, closed off, and ready to fight every moment of every day. Lose focus for a split second, and you’re dead.

Now the only thing that can save me is HER.


Like so many of my books, and because of my ever growing TBR list, Wounded had been gathering dust on my bookshelf for quite some time, when I had initially intended for it to be my first Jasinda Wilder book. I’m glad I finally picked it up because I really enjoyed myself while reading it.

“Some things are free, Rania. My love for you is free. All you have to do is take it. Accept it.”

I love books about soldiers. Must be the whole uniform thing. Or maybe the fact that they have this reputation for being tough guys and I like to read about them finding a woman to love deeply and intensely. Anyhow, it just works for me for some reason. And I really wasn’t disappointed at all with our soldier!

“I touch his cheek and marvel that one man can contain such fury as I saw when he fought, along with the tenderness with which he kisses me, the strength and stubbornness to refuse pain its paralytic hold over him. So many contradictions.” 

Hunter’s character, I really liked. He was rough around the edges, but so very sweet, tender and caring for a soldier. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got a dark side too. But toward Rania (and the people he loves in general) he is loyal and dedicated. He yearns to have a family of his own and to belong to someone. When we meet him in the story, he’s not in a good place at all emotionally and it’s soon after that that his and Rania’s paths cross, and it’s not in the best of settings at all.

“I hear it, the sound that will become my life: a belt jingling.”

Rania was a very interesting character, that’s for sure. Life hasn’t been kind to her and she’s always had to fend for herself and others. To survive, she was forced to do things I wouldn’t wish to my worst enemy. She is a very strong character but she hates herself for the things she has to do, for what it takes for her to survive in a country at war. War is almost all she has ever known as well as what it does to men.

“I am not a Muslim girl anymore. I am not an Arab girl anymore. I am only a prostitute, without religion, without any god but money. It is to survive, I tell myself.”

Men, for her, are cruel abusive creatures, in a lot of ways. And when she first meets Hunter, who is basically her enemy, she thinks that at some point, he’ll turn out to be just like the others.

“When boys and men are afraid, they turn it into anger, quickly.”

Everything opposes them, country, culture, religion, war, language and yet, they connect. There was nothing fancy about this and their story, but I thought it was beautiful. It really moved me and made me wish to have this kind of bound with someone. Just without the war and prostitution stuff that is.

“My heart is at once afraid and ready. I feel it opening, like an unused muscle stretching.”

I thought this book wasn’t as hot as some other by Jasinda Wilder. And by hot I mean dirty. But I think it served the story better. The scenes between Hunter and Rania were very emotional and delicate. For them, and it makes sense since Rania’s view of sex was very different from most people’s, sex was more than just fucking in order to get off. It was truly a way to show and to prove their love for each other and they took more pleasure giving pleasure to each other than taking it for themselves. And it was also very realistic that Hunter made a point giving Rania pleasure without asking for anything afterward from her due to how she was introduced to sex.

“I do what I must to survive, but in my most secret heart, I am still a little girl, innocent and pure.”

I really enjoyed this book and what Hunter and Rania found in each other was really something that spoke to me.

In Bed With Mr. Wrong (Out Of Uniform #1), by Katee Robert

The blind date from hell is about to get hotter…

Brianne Nave is never doing her friends a favor again. When they begged her to go on a blind date, she didn’t expect someone so perfectly gorgeous. She’s a mousy librarian—totally not in this man’s league. And judging by his odd reaction when she opens the door, he knows it, too.

Air Force Pararescuer Ryan Flannery avoids his hometown at all costs. He’s not thrilled about the date until he’s shocked silent by the prickly little librarian’s sweet curves and kissable lips…and her smart mouth. But then an argument leads to a kiss that spirals out of control. How can two people have so little chemistry outside the bedroom when they fit together so perfectly in it?

When their friends strand them in a cabin to “work things out,” Bri’s not sure whether to kill him or put the industrial-sized box of condoms they find to use. Bottom line—Ryan’s career military and hates the tiny town she loves. He’ll leave, just like everyone else in her life. And if she’s foolish enough to give him her heart, he’ll take it with him.

I’ve read other books from Katee Roberts (Wrong Bed, Right Guy) but I don’t remember it being just as good.

What made me read this book was the blurb. I mean, a soldier and a librarian that can’t stand each other but can’t keep their hands for themselves, shacked up for three days in the middle of nowhere during a snow storm with an embarrassing amount of condoms at their disposition and nothing to do to kill the time except…well you know except what, it was a promising start.

“When she’d fantasized about meeting her very own alpha male, she hadn’t stopped to consider that they were giant pains in the backside.”

I can’t resist a hero in uniform and here our hero is yummy! I really liked both the characters as well as the secondary ones. Ryan and Bri were great together. I loved their bickering as well as the moments they were actually talking. The situations they get themselves into were quite funny too and they were an hilarious pair already.

“Honey, if there wasn’t such a large stick up your ass, you’d be begging me to rip off those lily-white granny panties—with my teeth.” She gasped, but he ignored her response and pushed to his feet. “But that might be too much excitement for a prickly little librarian like you.” 

When you think that this is foreplay for our characters. There is also plenty of steam in this book as you can guess. Ryan is yummy and has a dirty mouth. But I liked that Bri wasn’t just there taking it. She was a part of the whole thing from start to finish, giving as much as she received.

Her character could have been quite flat actually. I mean she is a librarian, wears ankle length skirts that hide all the goods, hides her face behind glasses and long bangs. You see my point. But it was a good surprise to me that even though she has a lot of insecurities, she tries not to show them and in the end, she was quite a fierce female character, that didn’t let Ryan push her around and walk all over her. Like I said, she gave as good as she got.

“You better stop ogling me like that, or  I’m going to say to hell with those two and lock us in here for another hour. Or three.”

Ryan was also a very likable character. He is a sweetheart, but hides it well. You understand why when you read the book. They were both very interesting, that were a little crippled by their past but were willing to face their fears for each other.

“Liars, all of them. Your man just gave you an orgasm and a snowball fight. If that’s not romance, I don’t know what is.”

It was a nice, sweet, funny read with just the right amount of fluff and smut. There will be a second book in the serie and I think it’s about Ryan’s brother. I might just give it a try.

“You want me so bad, you can’t see straight. You’ve touched yourself thinking about me . And all you can think about is how badly you want to do it again.”

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