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Ugly Love Official Teaser


Yeah so I know that the “book news” I post these days aren’t exactly what you could call “up to date”, but since I sort of went back to living at the Stone Age (which means without the internet) for the past six months, I’m only now coming back to civilization and well, I’m finding out about loads of stuff that happened months ago.

Like the Ugly Love teaser which was released last May and that I’m only now finding out about 😦

Anyhow, this book was amazing (that’s pretty much a given when it’s written by Colleen Hoover) and I had a huge book hangover when I finished it. I was so excited to know it was going to be made into a movie, so finally seeing the first teaser was kind of huge.

It doesn’t reveal much about the story, except that things are quite steamy between Archer and Tate and that it’s not a lovey dovey, pink-tinted-glasses kind of love story. But I’m talking (writing?) too much, so without further ado, here’s the teaser!

There is probably no point in posting it now because if you’re as crazy about books as I am you’ve probably already seen this video by now, but I guess it never hurts and that maybe I wasn’t the only one out there who had to live under a rock for some time.

Plus I’m just crazy about this book and this author and I’m all excited now that I’ve seen the trailer for Ugly Love 🙂 I hope we’ll have more teasers or an actual trailer soon and hopefully a release date, but right now, I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping that they don’t ruin one of my favorite stories by making it into a movie.

Ps: can I just say that the uniform definitely works for Nick Bateman here…Anyway, I’m off to find myself a bucket of iced water…


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