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Genie, by Kitty French


The queen of the sex scene is back. USA Today bestselling author Kitty French returns with a brand new, smokin’ hot story to set your kindle on fire.
One complete story. No cliffhanger. Hold onto your corset strings, we’re going burlesque!

Feathers. Lies. Glitter. Secrets. Lust.

Meet Genie Divine, the wise-cracking London show-girl on a hell-bent mission to save her beloved family theatre.

Now meet Abel Kingdom, the Australian gym mogul determined to buy it out from underneath her.

On paper they have nothing in common, and when they meet, they have even less.

The only thing they DO have is chemistry.
Undeniable, rip-my-clothes-off-and-do-me-now-against-the-wall chemistry.

He wants her theatre. She wants him dead.

The stage is set for an explosive summer…

When I saw that Kitty French had written another book, I was a little excited as to know what it would be like. When the Knight & Play series came out, I got crazy over it! I seriously loved Lucien and how dirty he was. So obviously, when I started Genie, I was kind of expecting the same magnetism that I’d found in Knight & Play. And , admittedly, it was hot. Genie and Abel do have chemistry. But that’s basically all they have, coupled with the ever present animosity between them.

“In truth, she was a little disappointed in him.”

To me, the characters were a little flat and tasteless. I never got the feeling that I knew the characters. It was like they were so focused on hating and screwing each other that in the end, I didn’t really see anything beside their lust and hate for each other.

“You love me?” he said. “Have you lost your fucking mind?”

The same thing happened over and over. They fight, they fuck and then fight and fuck some more. Until all of a sudden, Genie develops feelings for Abel – which sounds weird because they never seem to even appreciate each others personality traits.

“It doesn’t mean I like you any less because I don’t like your name,” he said. I’ll just think of something else to call you.”

I got the lust and chemistry. Really, I did. But Abel’s character was really crass with Genie throughout the whole book, never saying a nice thing to and about her except when they were physical. And all of a sudden, she goes from not standing him and wanting to prove a point to him to being in love with him? Seriously?

“She was an enigma, so many women in one. Fascinating, and he already hated that she occupied so much of his headspace.”

And actually, I didn’t really get Genie. Her character made sense, but I didn’t connect to her and she had a too many faces for me to identify her. Like I never had the feeling to actually know her. And the shit she got past him! It actually annoyed and frustrated me at some point that she would just shrug it off and let it go without ever calling him on his shit.

“On behalf of women everywhere, let’s give him hell.”

To me, they just hurt each other with words and actions, and I had a hard time understanding how she (so suddenly) fell in love with him when he kept projecting his shit on her and what she did for a living, saying really hurtful and unrespectful stuff to her, just because he didn’t like the fact that he was attracted to her.

“So what exactly are you saying, Abel? I’m your upstairs angel, downstairs whore?”

To be perfectly true, the characters weren’t even that likable. Abel was so freaking moody and hard and abusive in the things he said to her. On that alone, I would have crossed him out. But no, Genie somehow goes past all that because he’s hot. I don’t know, maybe there is such a thing as someone so attractive that even with the shittiest personality and behavior, you can’t help but bang them.

“She was the poster girl for just about everything in life that made his skin crawl, and the fact that he couldn’t stop himself from wanting her despite that fact made him hate his own reflection in the mirror in the mornings.”

Another thing that bothered me with the book was how the characters seemed to so easily let go of their obstination over what they were originally pursuing and how they seemed to be feeling one thing one moment and something completely different the next. Like for example the fact that Genie so readily let go of her theater after all the time she spent trying to save it. I mean, seriously, she’s been fighting tooth and nails for this freaking theater because it’s her home, etc, and now, she’s in love with him and the theater doesn’t count as much to her than he does? He’s been screwing her and telling her she’s a whore the whole book, and NOW she loves him because he’s wounded? You cannot be serious here!

“He held her as a man holds a woman he adores, and he kissed her as a man kisses a woman he needs to fuck more than he needs to breathe.”

The only thing I actually liked about the book was the end. Even the sex (that was good) felt really empty because they just have it out of lust. Sometimes, it felt like they didn’t even really enjoy it. More like they had to do each other because they were attracted to each other.

“No one was really what they seemed at face value.”

So yeah, even though I had hoped to like the book, it just wasn’t for me. I tried and finished it, but I was a little bored with it. The whole love-to-hate theme is usually something I enjoy in books and it started out that way with Genie, but the whole thing turned out to be a little redundant and just really….empty to me.Plus I felt a little claustrophobic while reading. The universe and feel of the book was stifling and oppressing. There were moments and bits of the story I liked, like when Genie comes up with a plan to derails Abel’s, but those moments didn’t have as much weight in the end as all the other things that bothered me in the book. I hope I like Kitty French’s other books better than this one.


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