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Vivian’s List, by Haleigh Lovell

Vivian's List_____________________________________________

A New Adult Romance packed with Heat and Heart.

Her brother’s best friend. A list. A love story.

After ending a horrible, scarring relationship, Vivian embraces her freedom by making a sexual bucket list. When her brother’s best friend, Liam, finds it, sparks fly and hearts open.

Can Vivian heal one steamy encounter at a time?

** This is book 1 in a two-part series
** New Adult Romance recommended for readers aged 18+ due to language and strong sexual content

DNF @ 68%

“I want you to know what it should feel like to have a man make love to you.”

I’m kind of disappointed here because I was actually looking forward to this book. The cover kind of sold me as well as the blurb. Then the plot seemed promising and Liam seemed like the kind of hero I might like. And everything was going fine with the book until Vivian and Liam started going at it and check the items on Vivian’s list.

“We had the sort of sex where I just wanted to crawl into his skin and become one person.”

It didn’t feel like that for me to be honest. The sex scenes left me highly skeptical. It’s hard to describe but basically, some of Vivian’s body reactions during sex were troubling, at least, to me they were. I don’t know about you but I, personally, have never heard of a woman’s sex organ tearing apart her underwear because of how aroused she is. I know Vivian’s character is supposed to be under the impression that she is frigid, but even then I’d be worried to have this type of reaction to attraction and arousal. Now, maybe I’m no expert with the human body, but this seemed far fetched to me. It reached the point where I enjoyed the book more when Liam and Vivian were flirting and bantering than the actual sex scenes they were involved in.

“I wanted to make her feel special and let her know she was wanted, needed and desired in so many different ways. I wanted to make her feel loved. I wanted her in a way that surpassed sexual need. I wanted…I wanted her.”

And then, Vivian’s voice started boring me. Same thing, I can’t really tell what made it boring for me at some point to read her POV, but it did.
I liked Liam’s character though. It’s probably because of him and the whole friends falling in love plot that I kept reading this book until the 68% mark.

I really tried to keep going. I don’t particularly enjoy not finishing a book. I feel like I give up on them or something. But I really couldn’t stand Vivian’s voice anymore and the fact that I was spending more time skipping her inner monologues and the sex scenes than actually read the book was a bit depressing, so I thought “what’s the point?” and gave up eventually.

Some people will probably really like this book and read the other one coming up, but I’ll stop here. This book really wasn’t for me after all even though it looked like it could be right up my alley. Better luck next time I guess.


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