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Fallen Crest High (Fallen Crest #1), by Tijan

Fallen Crest High______________________________________________

Mason and Logan Kade are two brothers who did their own thing. They were rich and expected to attend her school, Fallen Crest Academy. They chose public school and now Samantha has to live with them. The problem is that she doesn’t care at all: about them, about her friends, about her cheating boyfriend, or even about her parent’s divorce. But maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe change is a good thing.

I know a lot of people are raving about how great this book (and the series) is and I really thought I would like this book. But it turns out it wasn’t that great for me after all.

Sam was really annoying. I get that her character doesn’t care about anything, but really, she was a little dull.

She’s barely nice to anyone, glares at everybody, and runs all the freaking time. Her life can be summed up by this: not eating, going to class, going home, glare at someone there, fight with her mother, go run until she can’t stand on her feet anymore. And there you have it.

“I run to run.”

And even though she barely talks to anyone, she still, for some reason, attracts the attention of her two new step brothers, Mason and Logan.

Logan but mainly Mason were the only reasons I kept on reading. The author teases you with very small and very far between moments where Sam and Mason start making eyes at each other, and I’ll give it to her, it worked with me because that’s why I kept reading when I was getting bored.

“In that moment, I realized that he always had that affect on me. The ice façade I reined over myself was plucked away whenever his attention was on me. He reached over and took it away like I was a baby with candy.”

And then something really happens between them, and I ended up kind of disappointed. The sex wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. So yeah of course it’s good for both of them, but when I read it, it really didn’t do anything for me. At all.

So, to make a long story short, this was a bust for me even though the plot was promising. I know a lot of people liked this book, but to me it missed something to make it good. Maybe I’ll give this book another chance in some time, but I don’t really feel like it right now.

It’s really too bad because I really wanted to know and read more about Mason but I don’t think I can stand Sam’s voice anymore right now. I just couldn’t connect with this book even though I wanted and tried to.


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