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An Explanation As To Why I Have Been A Little M.I.A Lately


Hey guys! So maybe you have noticed that for about a month now, my post haven’t the most regular. Well, I just wanted to let you know that it is not because I am getting forgetful, or that I have fallen so in love with someone that I can’t seem to remember anything else (too bad for me though). No, the reason I have been a little M.I.A lately is because I have moved out from where I uses to live and in the place I live now, the internet connection….well it’s complete and absolute crap! I’m writing this post from my phone, just so you know. So I’ll do my best and try to post as much as possible whenever I can, but how often I post, will depend on my very unreliable, crappy and annoyingly defective internet connection.

I’m sorry for this (trust me, I’m not happy about. At all!) and I really hope that you’ll all keep an eye out for the posts that I will be able to post during my time in the land of the connection deprived.

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