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Wrong Girl (Wrong Girl #1), by Lauren Crossley

Wrong Girl______________________________________________

“There are roughly seven billion people in the world. Seven billion people and I’ve somehow managed to fall in love with the only person I can’t have. The only man on this earth who I can’t be with and who I should never, ever want. He’s my soul mate, my saviour and the only man I need. He’s also my sister’s fiancé.” – Samantha.

Samantha is 23 and broken. She’s always been the one and only disappointment within her superficial and judgemental family. Over the years she’s given up on the idea of pleasing them, the only one who’s ever treated her fairly is Rachel and that’s why she doesn’t mind when all of the praise and glory is bestowed upon her older and extremely beautiful sister. She has never envied Rachel before… until now.

Samantha feels something for her sister’s fiancé from the first moment that she sees him. He’s kind, gentle, unbelievably gorgeous and incredibly off-limits. She knows she shouldn’t want him but no matter what she does she can’t seem to get him out of her head. Of course all of the guilt and emotional torment that she’s dealing with is pointless because he doesn’t feel the same way about her… does he?

Zack doesn’t understand the indescribable, overwhelming connection that he feels to his fiancé’s younger sister. At first he convinces himself that he only feels sorry for her, he doesn’t understand why the family he’s marrying into treat her like an outcast. He’s determined to find out what happened to this girl to make her so introverted and distrustful but even Rachel advises him to leave well alone.

As he becomes more integrated within his fiancé’s world, Zack finds himself inextricably drawn to the extraordinary demure girl who’s about to become his sister-in-law. He can’t get her out of his head and the need to be with her compels him to seek more from her than he should ever desire.

How long can Samantha and Zack deny what they’re feeling and stay away from one another? And will he still be there for her after he discovers her dark secret, one that she’s concealed for sixteen years?

Decisions must be made and hearts will inevitably be broken when Zack is forced to make his choice. He’s always believed his attraction for Samantha to be wrong and he has come to despise himself for wanting the wrong girl but what if his own fiancé might just be the wrong girl for him?

Wrong Girl is a story about forbidden love, envy, passion and heartache, a story about two people who fall in love in the very worst of circumstances.

*** This New Adult romance novel contains mature themes, strong language, sexual citations and possible triggers regarding sexual abuse that may distress some readers. It is recommended for readers 18+ ***


This book is seriously bad. I don’t have a thing against the theme this book treats specifically. It’s not one I enjoy particularly but once in a while, I’ll give it a try. But Wrong Girl was just wrong.

I’ll start with the writing. I wonder if the author is even English at this point. Between the typos, the grammar mistakes, the syntax and use of words that don’t even exist in the English language, the simple act of reading was work. And even the way the characters talked and described their feelings, each other and even themselves was laughable until it became just annoying.

Then there’s the build up…which is non-existent in this book. I was expecting a story about a guy who’s in love with his girlfriend, to meet someone and gradually become attracted to her. What I got was a guy who’s “in love” with his girlfriend but the moment he meets his girlfriend’s sister he can’t help but think about sleeping with her. I mean the guy hasn’t even spoken to her and he already has a connection with her. I don’t mind love/lust at first sight but this was just too much.

“My feelings for him are too powerful and terrifying.”…she says only 3% into the book

Zach and Samantha’s feelings for each other aren’t at all believable.
There was no subtlety in their relationship at all. Actually, there was no subtlety in this book period.

“I’ve only known him half an hour and my emotions are already in turmoil.”

And even in the event where the character and their feelings for each other actually felt real and believable, then, there was the fact that the characters decision making process was just wrong. I mean seriously! The guy can’t stop thinking about sleeping with his sister-in-law to be, so what solution does he come up with to put a stop to it? Avoid her? Nope. Talk to her and tell her they have to be strong and resist? Nope. Ask her to sleep with him so he can get her out of his system in order for him to go on and marry the sister he’s actually engaged to? Yep, you got it! I mean what else could he possibly do in this situation but actually sleep with his fiancée’s sister? Really, that was his ONLY choice of course!

“I’ve felt guilty about it all day but we don’t have a choice, we both know we need to do this…I realize we can’t back out”

At this point I just hoped this was a joke because even though characters in books can do bad things and make bad decisions, I have never ever read a book where the characters saw logic in actually cheating on someone in order to make things better.

And then, there’s the fact that not one, and I’m serious when I say not one single character in this book is likable. They feel fake, wrong, they make no sense at all and I just couldn’t connect to any of them.

“I’m torn between what I know is right and my intense attraction towards him.”

… Well, let’s just say she wasn’t “torn” very long. Samantha was weak, annoying and with no loyalty to anyone. I mean, her sister is the only person in her family to care about her and what does she do to thank her? Well sleep with her husband to be of course! Zach was a horny jerk with no morals. Sam’s mother was the incarnation of the Wicked Witch, and it goes on and on with the other characters in this book.

Everything about this book was wrong. I stopped at the 50% mark because reading about Zach and Sam having sex almost made me puke and I just couldn’t keep on reading. I’m actually impressed I read so far into the story. It was excruciating to read this book. That’s why I decided to cut my loses and stop wasting my time.


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