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Frenched (Frenched #1), by Melanie Harlow


When Tucker Branch, playboy heir to Branch Bolt and Screw, screws and bolts a week before their wedding, Mia Devine wants nothing more than to crawl under her newly monogrammed sheets and plan a funeral for her dignity. But her friends convince her that bitter tastes better when it’s drowned in Bordeaux, so Mia grits her teeth and packs her bags, determined to make the best of her luxurious Paris honeymoon—alone.

She never planned on meeting Lucas Fournier.

The easygoing bartender’s scruffy good looks and less-than-sympathetic ear annoy her at first, but when she takes him up on his offer to show her around the city, she discovers that the romance of Paris isn’t just a myth.

Nor is the simultaneous O.

The last thing Mia needs is another doomed love affair, but since she only has a week, she figures she might as well enjoy la vie en O with Lucas while she can. But each day—and night—with Lucas is better than the last, and suddenly her heart is telling her this is more than a rebound fling.

Is it just the seduction of Paris…or could this be the real thing?_____________________________________________

Gosh this book was such a blast! From page two of the book I knew I would enjoy it. Mia’s voice was so great to read and the whole plot was just so sweet and romantic but also really funny and quite sexy too!

“You are a fucking delight, princess. It’s like you know the dirty jokes in my head I’m too scared to make in front of you.”

I think I have a thing for books written by Americans about Paris. Every time it makes me love my city even more than I already do and then when I go somewhere the characters went to in the book, I have one of those moments when you feel connected to them even though they are fictional characters and don’t really exist. I know I’m talking crazy here but I also know that I’m not alone in this. So here’s to crazy book ladies all around the world!

But I digress. Let’s go back to Frenched, shall we? So it’s no surprise if I tell you I loved that book. I must admit that the initial situation Mia is in when I started the book is less than ideal. I wouldn’t recommend this book to women who are planning a wedding. Word of advice, wait until after the wedding to start this one.
But even in such a situation, Mia’s voice made me laugh. I loved the way she thought and her inner voice and from the start, she made this book fun with her comments and sarcastic remarks.

“Any requests?” he asked.
“Take off your pants.”
He grinned at me over his shoulder. “I meant music.”

And then comes in one of the swoon factors of the book…“Who is this wizard of O’s?”…Well I’m so glad you asked! The Wizard of O’s in this book would be Lucas. Seriously, this guy is close to perfection if you ask me. In a few chapters, he made it to the Top Ten of my Book Boyfriends List (BTW, this list is an ever growing one. And it has a lot of number ones too). The man is half French, half American, speaks both language perfectly, he’s smart, cute, funny, sweet, he drinks wine and loves reading, do I need to continue? Oh and let’s not forget what was aforementioned at the start of this paragraph, he is also the Wizard of O’s!

“I want to taste you all the time, Mia. I want the flavor of you on my tongue every fucking minute of the day. And you know it. You shouldn’t tease me by telling me you’re not wearing panties when I can’t have my mouth on you.”

I swear, when those two touch, sparks fly and things get hot and heavy real quick. But Melanie Harlow succeeded in giving those two one thing that I truly love in my love stories, sexual tension! Not a tone of it, but just enough to have me tingling here and there while reading.

“I’m in love with you. And I can’t let you get away.”

I loved the connection between Mia and Lucas. Their story is a kind of fairy tale that I really love and their story, even though it happens fast, was totally believable to me. I never felt weird about how and when things happened, the pace of the story, their reaction to each other or the things they said and felt. This book is not about a couple who falls for each other at first sight or insta-love. I truly believed in their story and how they fell for each other, however hard and fast it happened.

“God knows I never sought anything in you except yourself; I wanted simply you, nothing of yours.”

And the cherry on top, the “Epilogue” was just perfect. Sweet and moving but also funny and tender. It was just right. If I had to make a remark on the book would be that I would have liked more closure. But this remark isn’t really valid since I consider the next book, Yanked like the closure to Mia and Lucas’s story. I’m so glad this is a series and not just a standalone because I want more of these characters!!!!!

“I’m not ready to say goodbye to you.”


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