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One Week Girlfriend (One Week Girlfriend #1), by Monica Murphy

One Week Girlfriend_______________________________________________

Temporary. That one single word best describes my life these last few years. I’m working at a temporary job until I can finally break free. I’m my little brother’s temporary mother since our mom doesn’t give a crap about either of us. And I’m that temporary girl all the guys want to get with because I give it up so easily. According to the rumors, at least.

But now I’m the temporary girlfriend of Drew Callahan, college football legend and all around golden guy. He’s beautiful, sweet—and he’s hiding way more secrets than I am. He’s brought me into this fake life where everyone seems to hate me. And everyone seems to want something from him. The only thing he seems to want though is…


I don’t know what to believe anymore. All I know is, I think Drew needs me. And I want to be there for him.



Well, what a surprise! This book totally made a number on me! This novel really went beyond what I expected. The story is much deeper and darker than I thought it would be… But Oh. My. God! THIS BOOK IS FREAKING AMAZING !!!!

“There’s no going back,” he whispers … “Once I am inside you, you’re mine.”

When I first picked One Week Girlfriend, the title let me think it would be one of those sweet, cute, funny — and definitely sexy — stories where the characters play pretend and end up developing actual feelings for each other and not play pretend so much anymore. And well there is a little bit of that in this book, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Literally.

“It’s the people who know you the best who can hurt you the most.”

There are so many sweet and lovely moments in the story I kept oooow-wing  at all the time. And at the same time the “true story” is so freaking insane and one character in particular is SO SICK and disgusting I truly wanted to punch her through my Kindle!!!! Adele is freaking sick, insane, delusional, disgusting, manipulative and let’s just say it, just a freaking psycho. I really hope bad things happen to her in the next book because she definitely deserves it. And I’m not one to wish harm to people or character so it’s saying something.

“I shut myself off to make life bearable. I’m like a damn machine sometimes. Unfeeling. Uncaring. Emotionless.”

She completely messed up Drew and she acts like they share something special. Like she owns him. Like what she did wasn’t completely sick and awful. Honestly, sometimes I just felt like taking a shower when I read moments of the story she was involved in, she made me feel so dirty!

“But this girl…she doesn’t feel pointless. She’s real and she’s beautiful and she fits perfectly when she’s in my arms. She makes me want to feel.”

I really cannot wait for the second part of the story to be released. Drew and Fable were amazing characters. They start out as complete strangers and complete opposites too, but they eventually find in each other someone special who cares for them and accepts them for who they are. Their connection to each other and their relationship was lovely and deep and so beautiful.

“He might be more trouble than he’s worth but I don’t think so. This man came into my life for some reason. Just as I came into his. Maybe we’re supposed to help each other cope. Or give each other hope.”

Honestly, the ending left me hanging and I can’t wait to read the next part of Drew and Fable’s story because I might just go insane not knowing what happens next.

“Honestly, I don’t quite know how we got to this point. I hated him on sight. I did this only for the money. I thought he was a fucked up mess. I still think he’s a fucked up mess. But so am I. And he’s so beautiful, so thoughtful, so vulnerable. We can be a mess together. I want to heal him. I know I can heal him.”

I really recommend this book. This story is so much bigger and darker than it seems at first glance but it’s totally worth it!

God, I’m sorry, this review sucks. I actually wrote this right after finishing the book so, let’s just say that my emotions were all over the place and it was kind of hard to write anything remotely good we me still gushing over this novel.

I’ll just add one last little thing:

“M-A-R-S-H-M-A-L-L-O-W” !!!


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