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Hansel, Part IV (Hansel #4), by Ella James

Hansel 4_______________________________________________



They were captives who shared a wall, and cut a hole in it so they could hold each other’s hands. Until he killed their captor, Mother. Then he disappeared, and as the world swooped in to save the Children locked away in Mother’s house, the girl called Gretel became…lost. No breadcrumbs.

Finding Hansel, years later, is the shock of Leah McKenzie’s adult life. Finding out how far she’ll go for him – that’s no surprise.

Leah’s given Hansel – Lucas, he says it is – every piece of herself. And he’s been both cruel and kind.

What they share is dangerous.
What they feel is dark.
Their history is twisted.
Their hearts already broken.
And that’s before the secrets are revealed.

*Hansel Part 4 is the final installment in this erotic fairy tale. Full disclosure: it’s a dark read. If you don’t enjoy mind-bending stories with disturbing twists, this story may not be for you.


I’ll be honest, I sort of expected more of this series. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, because I did, but I started it expecting more out of it.

“I hate that this is your story. I’d do anything to change it.”

The last part of Hansel and Leah’s story answered all my questions and like I thought it would, some of the revelations were definitely twisted, and then some. On that level, the book did it for me. Some of the stuff that happened to Luke and Leah you expect but some other were really surprising and made for very interesting twists in the story.

“It’s fate…Because it brought me you. You are my fate.”

But I guess what I expected more from was the connection between Luke/Hansel and Leah. I really liked their connections as kids when they were both captives of Mother and the bond they created then. And this book made it clear why their bond at the time was so strong, especially for Luke, considering his story and relationship with Mother. But the present day Luke and Leah didn’t really do it for me. I really looked forward for this bond they had when they were both captives to resurface when they saw each other again, but it never really did.

And it felt like Leah was looking for this connection she had with Luke back when they were young in the Luke she meets again ten years later but never finds it. It felt like she clung to this idea of Hansel she kept for all those years and won’t face that her Hansel has changed, or more so, is still traumatized by what he went through in the House and still feels guilty over a lot of things. He definitely left part of himself in this house.

“All you have to have is half.” she whispers.
“You’re only half,” she murmurs, looking up into my eyes. “If you put two of us together, baby, all we need is half to make a whole.”

I really felt like they couldn’t communicate with each other, much like in book #3, and that was frustrating considering that was what got them so close to begin with. I missed this connection they had as kids and seem they couldn’t find as adults.

So even though the plot was really original and good in a very twisted way, I didn’t feel the connection between Luke and Leah as much as I would have liked and that made me feel not connected to them in the present time story they were living.


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