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Made For You (The Best Mistake #2), by Lauren Layne

Made For You______________________________________________

Some mistakes are worth making…

Lauren Layne’s Best Mistake series continues with MADE FOR YOU.

When the Wrong Guy is Oh-So-Right

Will Thatcher is exactly the type of sexy playboy good girls like Brynn have always avoided. And yet there was still something about him she just couldn’t resist. When Will moved across the country three years ago, Brynn vowed it was time to put him behind her. She never thought Will might have other plans . . .

Back in town, Will intends to get what he’s always wanted-gorgeous, unforgettable Brynn. For years, he tormented the untouchable ice princess in a desperate bid for her attention. Now he has a new plan, and he’ll do anything to rewrite their stormy past. This time, he’s out to show Brynn that the imperfect man might be the best mistake of her life . . .

I was really looking forward to this book! I enjoyed Only With You when I read it, but even then, Will and Brynn’s story had me super intrigued and interested. I loved reading the few chapters there were from Brynn’s POV then and I have been looking forward to Made For You ever since I finished book #1.

“I love you”, she said. “I love you so much. I think somehow I always have.
“Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited to hear you say that?”
“You might have heard it sooner if you hadn’t tried to woo me by running mu bra up the flagpole my freshman year.”
“Foreplay, baby. Fifteen really long years of foreplay.”

Now maybe you’re wondering why I was so looking forward to this book? It’s quite simple really. Will and Brynn have some serious unresolved sexual tension going on! And COME ON with the angry sex! I swear I get hot every time they are in the same room. The sexual tension was thick enough to cut with a knife!

“Kissing Will was a lot like dirty dancing. It was heady, instinctual and it gave her the urge to move her hips.”

And even though I don’t read it often and it is most of the time a recipe for disaster, this kind of I-love-you-and-that’s-why-I’m-mean-to-you kindergarten dynamic is the kind of thing I actually enjoy reading once in a while.

“She was ice and order and calm. He was fire and instinct and chaos.”

Brynn and Will are complete opposites but like they say, opposites attract and well it’s pretty much true for those two. And in a way, they complement each other. Will is exactly what Brynn needs in order to enjoy herself more.
And even though Will shows Brynn that she needs to change and be more her imperfect self and not the version of her she thinks is perfect, I loved that he was able to see through her facade and that he loved her long before she realized that maybe, good enough is better than perfect.

“Let me try to be the woman for you.”
“You’ve always been the only woman for me.”

Oddly enough, I could relate to Brynn. I’m not saying that she didn’t annoyed me with her stupid rules and the fact that she had to control every little thing in her life. But I could relate to her and especially when she started feeling unsatisfied with her life and the way she lives it. I liked that Brynn’s issues in the book are somewhat real. I think everyone in life has to go through what she is going through in this book at some point in their lives and that made me like Brynn even more because the issues she is working through in the book are issues that we all have to experience one day. Finding who you are and who you want to be is never easy to do, especially when you’ve been living your life a certain way for so long to finally realize that it’s never made you really happy and it was more of a crutch than anything else. So yeah, I could relate to Brynn in this book a lot more than in Sophie’s book.

“Have you ever felt, you know…lost? Like you don’t know your purpose in life?”

Now Will. Ah Will Will Will…Well Will I liked since book #1. And even though this game he plays with Brynn is not the way I would show someone I care for them, when it came to him it made sense somehow. Of course sometimes I wasn’t super comfortable with what he said to her and to me it was really a backward way of loving Brynn and making her fall in love with him, but then, when you know that he’s been in love with her for years without ever being able to tell her or even show her his love because she is so stuck in her ways, you kind of understand why it become frustrating for him too in the long run.

“He’d been sixteen, and he’d simply known. Known that she was the one. Even when she was busy tearing his heart out.”

But one thing all those angry and frustrated feelings created is something that I love in romance books: sexual tension! This book is full of it and I loved it. I especially loved it when Will would back Brynn up against furniture. And he does that a lot so I was very happy with him in those moments. And the fact that this story has both a great built up and character development made it even better.
And even if Will was mean at times, he was a hero that i was really looking forward to and very much enjoyed reading about, and I loved seeing through all his arrogance and mean streak to the man who’s been waiting all his life for the woman he loves to notice him and give him a chance.

“I would have done anything to get you to notice me.”

Once again, Lauren Layne succeeded in making me love her story and characters, flaws and all. If you haven’t read one of her books yet, I cannot tell you enough times to read one, if not all of them. If you’re looking for something to stimulate your brain cells and a super original plot, I’m not sure you’ll find it here, but if you want to read a sweet romance with a little depth to it and that isn’t all that predictable, then pick a book by Lauren Layne. Any book really. I think I’ve read every book she’s written so far and I’ve loved them all. They are the perfect book to break from reality for a few hours and they leave you with a smile on your face and a good mood.

“She would be happy. With the wrong man, who was so damn right it made her literally ache inside.”


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