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Lick (Stage Dive #1), by Kylie Scott


Waking up in Vegas was never meant to be like this.

Evelyn Thomas’s plans for celebrating her twenty-first birthday in Las Vegas were big. Huge. But she sure never meant to wake up on the bathroom floor with a hangover to rival the black plague, a very attractive half-naked tattooed man in her room, and a diamond on her finger large enough to scare King Kong. Now if she could just remember how it all happened.

One thing is certain, being married to one of the hottest rock stars on the planet is sure to be a wild ride.

Well holy rock star! Where can I find a David Ferris, please?

Lick is the second book in this series that I read. For no reason at all I started this series with Play, which actually is the second book in the Stage Dive series.
And even though I had very much enjoyed Play, when I read it I thought it was a little bit on the crazy-unrealistic side of things, much like its male character, Mal.
With Lick though I didn’t feel that way at all. I really enjoyed the story and characters, even when a certain rock star was being a complete jerk.

I had this book on my Kindle for quite some time now and wasn’t really feeling any urge to start reading it. At all. But then, while stalking another book blogger, I found this quote from the book…

“Let me get this straight, you don’t remember anything?”
“No,” I said, swallowing hard. “What did we do last night?”
“We got fucking married,”

…and I was pretty much sold!

I’m really lucky these days when I pick a story about a Vegas wedding because it’s the third one I read and they have all been really good.

“Me, my life, all of it seemed to be in a state of flux. That shouldn’t have felt as strangely good as it did.”

I really enjoyed Evelyn’s voice in the book. I liked how down to earth she was and caring and kind but didn’t take shit from other people. And I really enjoyed when she stood up for herself. I could really relate to her about her situation on her studies and the fact that she didn’t have everything figured out about what and who she wanted to be. I really connected with her on that level. And I liked how loving and forgiving she was with David and his issues.

“I needed a dose of reality. Someone who’d actually say no to me occasionally and call bullshit on that scene.”

I very much liked how she treated him like a normal person and not the rock star he is, and so, didn’t let him walk all over her. There is one moment in the book where he really screws up (and that’s why I didn’t give this book 5 starts actually) and tries more or less to turn the tables on Ev and I liked that she didn’t back down then. I loved Ev even more for not taking shit from him then.

“You asked me if you were my attempt at normal. I need you to understand, that’s not it at all. Being with you, the way I feel about you, it does ground me. But that’s because it makes me question fucking everything. It makes me want to make things better. Makes me want to be better. I can’t hide from shit or make excuses when it comes to you because it won’t work.”

David was too a very nice character. I really liked the fact that he wasn’t your typical self involved rock star. Yes he wasn’t perfect. He definitely has trust and abandonment issues, but he means well and loves so deeply. And man, was he hot! He seriously made me squirm.

“Truth was, I wanted him. All of him. The good and the bad and the bits in between.”

Even though I had enjoyed Play when I read it, and was curious about the serie (I did buy Lick after reading Play after all), I wasn’t ….really involved in the serie to the point I wanted to read more about it right away. But now, I’m really curious about the other characters! I loved knowing how Nate and Lauren got together, and I’m really looking forward to Jimmy’s and Ben’s stories!

“Love isn’t always smooth or straightforward. It can be messy and painful,” he said, “Doesn’t mean it isn’t the most incredible thing that can ever happen to you.”


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