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Dirty Rowdy Thing (Wild Seasons #2), by Christina Lauren

Dirty Rowdy Thing_________________________________________________________

From the New York Times bestselling author of Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, and Beautiful Player, Book Two of the brand-new Wild Seasons series that started with Sweet Filthy Boy—a story of friends, love, and lust.

Despite their rowdy hookups, Harlow and Finn don’t even like each other…which would explain why their marriage lasted only twelve hours. He needs to be in charge and takes whatever he wants. She lives by the Want-something-done? Do-it-yourself mantra. Maybe she’s too similar to the rugged fisherman—or just what he needs.

I loved it! Finn and Harlow’s story was so great to read! I swear, if I had known, I would’ve tried harder to snag myself a fisherman like Finn Roberts while I was in Canada! And I’m only half kidding here…

“I want to see him haul a big net onto the deck of his ship. God, he would make majestic fisherman porn.”

When I finished reading Sweet Filthy Boy (which ends on an excerpt from Dirty Rowdy Thing) I was so excited to read the next book in this series! And now that I have, I can tell you that it didn’t let me down! I loved it just as much as Sweet Filthy Boy!

I can’t say I loved this book more because I really really loved book #1, and I truly loved book#2 just as much, but for different reasons. If I had to pick which one I prefer, it’d be like asking a mother to pick who’s her favorite child. It’s just impossible for me to pick.

“It’s one thing to want distraction, but I don’t need another obsession.”

I loved Finn and Harlow! Those two have some crazy chemistry! In this book, both Finn and Harlow have to deal with some serious personal matters. Finn is in San Diego to find a way to save his family’s business back in Canada, and Harlow has to cope with an issue that affect directly her family. So, to try and not think too much about their problems, they turn to each other for….distraction. And it works. It’s fun, it’s hot and it is sexy as can be, but it’s also very intense and a little more than just a distraction for the both of them. And with chemistry like they have, things are bound to get interesting between them. And as it turns out, they need each other more than they though.

“He’s built like a man who works with his hands, has a sense of humor drier than the Sahara, and the thing that gets him off more than anything in the world is giving you orgasms. What a nightmare.”

And since we’re dealing with some serious smut here, I just have to say this. Boy that was hot. First of all, Finn’s a bit of an alpha/control-loving lover, so I’ll just let you the pleasure of imagining how things go in the bedroom with our Canadian boy here. Second, but a definitely big and important point, Finn has a really, amazingly and deliciously dirty mouth! And since it’s no secret that I’m a sucker for dirty talker, well, let’s just say I was a very happy girl when Finn was feeling chatty 😉

“Good girl. Oh so fucking good, you like that? You like it? You’re candy on my mouth, fucking sweet. Wet, so ready, you wanna get fucked now?”

But one thing I love even more than just plain good ol’ smut, is when the smut isn’t just really hot sex with a little kink on the side, but all of that plus intimacy. And Harlow and Finn had just the right amount of all those things. It made their sex scenes really intense and I loved it! In those moments, they both let go and were so focused on each other, and they was so much happening between them. I just love it when “just sex” turns into something more. How they connected in those moments was just really cool. I loved it!

“Last night, you stopped being an easy fuck.”

I loved Harlow’s character. I loved getting to know the real her that we don’t really get to meet in book #1 but just see a tiny glimpse of. She was really funny and sweet and caring. And I loved her relationship with her father. Actually, I really loved the dynamic in her family and how she was like that with her friends too.

“if there’s one thing I know about my heart, it’s that it isn’t fickle. Once someone gets inside, they burrow deep in there, permanently.”

Harlow turned out to be a selfless heroine with the biggest heart, even with all the things she deals with in the book. She always makes a priority of her friends and family’s’ problems. And it was very moving when it was her turn to be taken care of and she let Finn do it.

“Finn swipes at my face with is thumbs. “I have to, sweetheart, you can’t be bound up any longer.”
It just feels like it’s the only thing holding me together.
“I know,” he says.
Oh God. I said it out loud.”

I was completely biased when it came to Finn. Seriously, the guy could do no wrong. I loved anything and everything Finn related. Until that moment at the 75% mark when he acted like the biggest, most idiotic jerk on the planet. Well he had to be a guy at some point and be stupid. But he knows he messed up. He says so himself…

“I am the biggest most self absorbed asshole of all time.”

I’m not really a fan of drama in books (and in general) but even if that part totally pissed me off, the little bit of drama present in the book isn’t dragged out forever so it was bearable.

I loved seeing more of Ansel and Mia as well as the rest of their little Vegas group. Ansel is as swoony and quirky as he was in book #1 (that moment in the café was really cute – even though the part in French was a little butchered). We are introduced to some new characters in this book and well let’s say that some hints for Dark Wild Night, book #3 in the Wild Seasons series are dropped here and there throughout the book. It just drives me crazy to have to wait 10 months to get my hans on this next book!!!!

I highly recommend this series to anyone! It is the perfect mix of sexy, fun, entertaining and easy to read with a touch of sensitivity. I personally, loved the first two books equally and I am sooooooo looking forward to the next book in this series. I just can’t wait to read about our two little geeks Ollie and Lola!


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