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Hold On Tight (Sea Breeze #8), by Abbi Glines

Hold On Tight


Six years ago, Dewayne Falco’s life changed. He lost someone he never expected to lose. Resigned to punish himself for something he felt he could have prevented, he goes through life without getting too close to anyone.

What he didn’t expect was for the girl across the street to move back home and remind him of what they both lost: Dewayne’s younger brother Dustin. However, when a miniature version of Dustin opens the door to greet him, Dewayne realizes he might not have lost everything after all.

Sienna Roy loved Dustin Falco most of her life. He was the boy next door, the high school basketball star and her best friend. But when his life was cut short, she realized he left a part of himself behind.

Now, she’s back in Sea Breeze, thankful to have a home for her and Dustin’s son, but not sure if she can ever forgive the people across the street who abandoned her when she needed them the most — The Falcos.

Betrayal, lies, and forbidden attraction might end Dewayne and Sienna’s story before it’s even begun.


I have to say, I expected more from this book, but at the same time, I’m not really surprised with what it turned out to be.

“The journey may not be easy, but when you find the one to take it with, then you can do anything.”

By now, I’m used to Mrs. Glines’ writing and stories. The Sea Breeze Series so far didn’t disappoint much (even though some book were less than stellar) and is one I like. But because I have been following those characters for some time now, I was really looking forward to Dewayne’s story. His character is always present in the books but we really don’t know anything about him, except that I finds very amusing and entertaining seeing his friends fall for their girls one after the other. So I was actually interested in knowing more about him.

And even though my overall feeling after finishing the book is a mix of “I’ve enjoyed it” and “could’ve been better, I still liked reading it and enjoyed it. Like I said before, reading one of Abbi Glines books is like indulging in something familiar. You know what you’re going to get and it’s always nice and comfortable. So even though this book was a bit predictable and a little bit “been there, read that”, I was still involved in the story and it kept my attention from first to last page. It won’t shatter your world by its awesomeness but it’ll keep your mind busy and entertained.

“I’d just known I wanted her happy. It was important to me. But I knew why now. She was special. The kind of special that is hard to find in this life. The kind of special most people don’t get to touch. It’s the rare kind that, when you find it, you know it’s worth fighting for.”

I really liked Sienna and Dewayne’s characters. They both went through a lot of heartbreak and grief and when Sienna comes back to Sea Breeze after all this time, they both have to deal with feelings that never had a chance to be expressed. Dewayne’s character was really sweet. I won’t try to describe with my words what type of guy he is because this quote does it for me very well:

“You’re one of the best men I know. You wear your tats and piercings and those damn leather bracelets that only you could get away with. But inside you are one big teddy bear. When someone you love needs you, there is nothing you won’t do for them. When I needed you, you were always there. I’ve never questioned your heart. It’s made of fucking gold, and we all know it. We laugh at your crude jokes and snide comments because we know they mean nothing. It’s part of your shield. Underneath, I don’t know many men that compare. You’re one of the best, Dewayne. One of the best.”

And Sienna, well even though she wasn’t always the most forgiving girl, I thought she was sweet and brave. She hasn’t had an easy life, that’s for sure and still she wasn’t bitter. I was appalled by how she was treated by Dustin and how because of him, she never was able to really enjoy what it is like to be in a relationship and sex. Poor girl really didn’t win the lottery with the youngest Falco brother. So I was really happy when Dewayne finally showed her what things look and feel like when it’s done correctly. I liked that she made Dewayne work to get her and that she didn’t just give into him when he wouldn’t offer her more than a simple fuck because he was so scared. If there is one thing I had to say about Dewayne that bothered me, it was the way he kept telling her that he didn’t do relationship and that he wouldn’t offer her one, just a fuck so they would have get that out of the way. It annoyed me because that’s really the only time he treated her badly and it was because of his stupid loyalty to his brother who really didn’t deserve such loyalty in the first place.

“I’ve known you all my life. And I’ve never seen you treat anyone the way you treat Sienna. Not when we were in high school and not now. She’s your one. The one who reaches you. The one who makes you different.”

And actually, let’s talk about Dustin. Gosh, he annoyed me to know end this one. I know he’s dead but man, what an ass. I really wanted to shake them both. They were so stuck on their memory of a promising and kind hearted Dustin that could do no wrong when really, he was a selfish little prick who couldn’t keep it in his pants to save his life and who made a mess of everything he touched. It felt so good when Rock finally reminded that to Dewayne, because this loyalty he had toward his dead brother was dumb and he never acknowledge it. It really felt like Dewayne had lost all this time with Sienna when he was the one to always put her first and treating her like she was the most precious thing in the world.

Also, this book was one of the less steamy in the series in my opinion. Dewayne and Sienna had their moments, and man, the Facetime scene was seriously hot if you ask me, but there are only two intimate scenes in the whole book. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, it actually didn’t bother me in this book, but with the tension between Sienna and Dewayne, I wouldn’t have complained if there had been just a tiny bit more steam to this book.

“Because you’re mine. And I’m so fucking yours.”

The end, even though cheesy as all gets out was cute and put a silly grin on my face. So all in all, even though it was really predictable and very much in Mrs. Glines’ style, I enjoyed this book and had a happy feeling at the end of it. I looking forward to the last book of in the series, Rock and Trisha’s story.


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