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Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3 (Reasonable Doubt #3), by Whitney Gracia Williams

Reasonable Doubt-Volume 3


I hate him…

I hate that I fell in love with him, I hate that he didn’t love me back, and I hate the fact that I just made a life-altering decision just so I could get the hell away from him.

He’d always said that he was unchangeable, heartless, and cold…

I really should’ve believed him…


“I told you that I loved you…” The words rushed out of my mouth.”I told you that you shouldn’t have.”

So we finally have our conclusion of the Reasonable Doubt Series!! And Ladies, it is GOOOOD!!!!! This book was sooo satisfying in sooo many ways!

“I liked you as “Thoreau”, but I love you as Andrew.”

First of, the big ass mystery is uncovered! Since book one, Whitney G. gave us hints about what happened to Andrew and why it messed him up so much afterward. First, we thought it was just a relationship gone wrong. Then, his ex-wife comes into the picture and there’s prison talk and all. Then, we find out that Andrew has a child and that Andrew changed names….And through all that, we’re like: how is all of this connected? Well, we get the why here and man, this was some serious mind fuck and heartache to go through for poor Andrew. I felt for him a lot, even though he’d acted like a total jerk with Aubrey.

“Your boyfriend?” “Yes. You know, that person who doesn’t treat you like shit just because he likes you and you like him back? Interesting concept, isn’t it?”

What was also great about this book was that Andrew finally unfroze his heart and started groveling and working for Aubrey to give him the light of day. And that felt very good too. So yes, I loved Andrew when he was all like, “Just bend over because you know you want to”, but it felt very good to see him work to get aubrey back after what he put her through because he was too scared to let himself love her.

“I thought I was doing the right thing by kicking you out that night, by pushing you away….It was definitely a mistake.” 

And Aubrey. Oh how I liked her in this book. The time where she let Andrew walk all over her and everyone else get their way is over and gone. Now she’s all badass and obstinate, and she doesn’t let anyone give her crap. Pardon my French but she grew some serious balls in this book and it felt good to see her thrive and make things happen for herself. Be it when she told Andrew that a simple sorry wouldn’t cut it this time or when she put her teacher in his “place”, she never let them push her around. That made her character a lot more lovable to me. In book #2, I missed the Aubrey from book #1, but I was glad to see her grow into the Aubrey she’s become in book #3.

“Sorry to see that you regret meeting me, as I don’t regret meeting you.”

And the sex. Because yeah, I have to talk about it. Book #1 hit an all time high for me. It was so hot it made me blush like it was the first time I stumble onto a steamy book. And it was SO. GOOD! And here, even though there isn’t as much sex as there were in book #1, well the sex is still very good and the fact that now Andrew really is letting himself feel made it more emotionally involved. It’s like now, he can see through the haze of lust he feels for Aubrey to still give it good to her but be sensitive about it too. And I loved seeing him all possessive of Aubrey and staking a claim to her in front of others.

“Certain lies have to be told and certain truths have to be withheld”

But this review wouldn’t be complete he I didn’t mention the epilogue. It was perfect for them. I loved seeing Andrew and Aubrey go forward and what they had come to be some time after everything happened and all the secrets and lies were finally out there. And I swooned so hard because of Andrew. Yeah, Andrew made me do something other than pant and catch my breath for a change. I was so glad he got to have his HEA eventually.

“I didn’t want to like you, Aubrey. I wasn’t supposed to, and I didn’t need to, but every day after that you were all I could think about. You and your smartass mouth, and haw your lies maybe weren’t so bad after all.”


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