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Indecent Experiment, by Megan Hart


A thousand dollars is a lot of money–enough to entice broke grad students Melissa Standish and Matt Ingram to participate in a psych experiment to test sexual chemistry. Though they’re hardly each other’s ideal partner, the series of increasingly intimate scenarios sparks an attraction neither predicted. With each scorching kiss and sensual touch, the tension grows. Soon, Melissa and Matt can’t wait for the experiment to end–in bed….


 Wow! This book is the definition of short but effective. And effective it was!

I wasn’t expecting much from this book and was very surprised by how good it was. The subject is original and the author managed to make it even better with her characters and the chemistry she created between them.

“She smiled. He wanted to lick that smile. He wanted to get on his knees in front of her for that smile. He wanted to worship every last bit of her bare skin because if it. Fuck, he was a mess.”

Matt and Melissa are great characters. We don’t know much about them except that they’re broke and need quick money so they apply to be part of a study on behavior and sexual chemistry. They are complete strangers and so we easily picture how awkward what they have to do can be, especially since they are not really each other’s type.

“This was not Matt the frat boy, bent on getting up to trouble in Cancun. This Matt seemed more vulnerable than that, and what could she say? Melissa was a sucker for vulnerable.”

I really liked their interactions and how they responded to each other. I also very much liked the fact that they needed more than one try to get things right. Their first kiss for instance is very sweet because how bad it is. It made me think of a video I’ve seen recently where strangers were asked to kiss. And just like in the book, it was very sweet and you were able to see how vulnerable it made them to kiss strangers even though it was sort of exciting. That pretty much how I felt reading this book.

“Knowing this could only go so far was frustrating and yet terrifically erotic…”

Their “relationship” was sweet but also very erotic. It was very hot but not in a forced way. Everything that happens in the book and between the two of them feels natural. It’s a slow building, something that grows and evolves gradually and naturally.

I’m just sad it wasn’t longer. I wanted more of this book and I read it very quickly.

It was very good and I highly recommend this book!


I’m just putting the  link to the video I was talking about here because I truly love it! Tell me what you think about it! 🙂


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