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The Book Lover’s Journal


I just found out about this little journal/organizer and it looks A-MA-ZING!!! Here is the product description from amazon:

“Book lovers! Here is the reading journal you’ve always wanted. At last, a place to record the books you’ve read. Months and years from now, this journal will help you instantly recall long-forgotten details of your reading experience. This is also the place to record books you’d like to read next (take it with you to the bookstore or library). You’ll find pages to list books borrowed, lent, or given (even a place to list books you’d like to give), your book sources, and book group contact information, plus lists of acclaimed authors and titles to inspire future reading choices, and a section devoted to your reading life. Contents include: 


  • Introduction
  • My Book Log: Pages Turned
  • Books I’d Like to Read: My Reading Wish List
  • My Books: Books Bought, Borrowed, Lent, and Given
  • Book Group Info: Friends and Fellow Readers
  • Acclaimed Authors and Books: Inspiration for Future Reading
  • My Reading Life
  • 216 pages”

I, for one, am sort of an old school girl when it comes to making lists and stuff like that and even though computers are great, I do prefer to write things down on paper than to have them recorded on a Word document or an online list.

And right now, I’m in desperate need of one of those babies!

So here are the links to and

I hope this will make some of you happy 🙂



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