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In Bed With Mr. Wrong (Out Of Uniform #1), by Katee Robert

The blind date from hell is about to get hotter…

Brianne Nave is never doing her friends a favor again. When they begged her to go on a blind date, she didn’t expect someone so perfectly gorgeous. She’s a mousy librarian—totally not in this man’s league. And judging by his odd reaction when she opens the door, he knows it, too.

Air Force Pararescuer Ryan Flannery avoids his hometown at all costs. He’s not thrilled about the date until he’s shocked silent by the prickly little librarian’s sweet curves and kissable lips…and her smart mouth. But then an argument leads to a kiss that spirals out of control. How can two people have so little chemistry outside the bedroom when they fit together so perfectly in it?

When their friends strand them in a cabin to “work things out,” Bri’s not sure whether to kill him or put the industrial-sized box of condoms they find to use. Bottom line—Ryan’s career military and hates the tiny town she loves. He’ll leave, just like everyone else in her life. And if she’s foolish enough to give him her heart, he’ll take it with him.

I’ve read other books from Katee Roberts (Wrong Bed, Right Guy) but I don’t remember it being just as good.

What made me read this book was the blurb. I mean, a soldier and a librarian that can’t stand each other but can’t keep their hands for themselves, shacked up for three days in the middle of nowhere during a snow storm with an embarrassing amount of condoms at their disposition and nothing to do to kill the time except…well you know except what, it was a promising start.

“When she’d fantasized about meeting her very own alpha male, she hadn’t stopped to consider that they were giant pains in the backside.”

I can’t resist a hero in uniform and here our hero is yummy! I really liked both the characters as well as the secondary ones. Ryan and Bri were great together. I loved their bickering as well as the moments they were actually talking. The situations they get themselves into were quite funny too and they were an hilarious pair already.

“Honey, if there wasn’t such a large stick up your ass, you’d be begging me to rip off those lily-white granny panties—with my teeth.” She gasped, but he ignored her response and pushed to his feet. “But that might be too much excitement for a prickly little librarian like you.” 

When you think that this is foreplay for our characters. There is also plenty of steam in this book as you can guess. Ryan is yummy and has a dirty mouth. But I liked that Bri wasn’t just there taking it. She was a part of the whole thing from start to finish, giving as much as she received.

Her character could have been quite flat actually. I mean she is a librarian, wears ankle length skirts that hide all the goods, hides her face behind glasses and long bangs. You see my point. But it was a good surprise to me that even though she has a lot of insecurities, she tries not to show them and in the end, she was quite a fierce female character, that didn’t let Ryan push her around and walk all over her. Like I said, she gave as good as she got.

“You better stop ogling me like that, or  I’m going to say to hell with those two and lock us in here for another hour. Or three.”

Ryan was also a very likable character. He is a sweetheart, but hides it well. You understand why when you read the book. They were both very interesting, that were a little crippled by their past but were willing to face their fears for each other.

“Liars, all of them. Your man just gave you an orgasm and a snowball fight. If that’s not romance, I don’t know what is.”

It was a nice, sweet, funny read with just the right amount of fluff and smut. There will be a second book in the serie and I think it’s about Ryan’s brother. I might just give it a try.

“You want me so bad, you can’t see straight. You’ve touched yourself thinking about me . And all you can think about is how badly you want to do it again.”


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